Join us Sundays!

We connect with God and one another Sunday mornings.





Our Name is Peace!

Peace Presbyterian Church takes its name seriously. Through all we do, we strive to seek and cultivate God's Shalom. What is Shalom? Shalom is peace.

“The Hebrew word for peace is shalom. But shalom is more than peace. It is hard to capture the breadth and depth of shalom in any single English word. Shalom includes peace, justice, wholeness, health, unity, community and well-being. It even extends beyond the health-giving relationships of people to one another and internal peace to the responsible use of the natural world: plants, animals, earth, water and air. Shalom is a broadly encompassing word to convey the heartbeat of the Bible and to proclaim God's vision for us of justice, kindness and oneness with God.” -Harry L. Strong

This is what we hope you'll find when you visit Peace. In fact, each week we end our service by singing “Shalom” together. We hope you'll join us.